i’ve morphed and apparently i’m angry about it

September 13, 2012

I’ve been getting very aggravated as I’ve been trying to play on myheritage to see what celebrities I could morph into, but no matter how many photos I submitted of my adult self, it couldn’t come up with any matches.  None. I couldn’t even be all insulted  by being compared to someone I don’t care for and therefore have something to validate my insecurities.

Finally I gave up and submitted these two ever so charming photos from my early halloween days.

***  f*&k, f#@kity, f*ck- myheritage is pissing me off even more as no matter what I do it won’t link properly to any of my sites to show the morphing process.  So while this won’t be nearly as amusing without the proper visuals,  I have spent far too much time on this to abandon it completely so I am just going to show the photo they used to compare me with…  Arrrrrggghhh!!! (also starting to practice my pirate speak for next week.  more on that later)

Plastic kitty costume me could be oscar wilde, peter o’toole or jeanne morea and while jeanne might be the most flattering I’m going to have to go with the jason schwartzman comparison.  How could you not?  It’s where my mind first went.

But my favourite  has to be the comparison of bunny me; not to enya, or matt dillon, or a young leonardo dicaprio, but to a very angry-looking alfred molina.

I really don’t know why I didn’t see it before.  The resemblance is uncanny.

And now that I have been amused by the comparisons and since moved on to feeling bad about myself and the apparently manly photos of little girl me, I’m going to go cry into a bottle of something with a very high alcohol content.
Personally this is my fave girlhood comparison.  It’s me as Hermione, if she had grown up in the 70’s.

Pleeeease, let me have this one.  I may like him, but I don’t want to be angry Alfred.

So what if even a young Hermione Granger wasn’t this geeky, I do have frizzy brown hair and I am in a witch costume and I really don’t know how you aren’t seeing it.  We could be sisters.  Just roll with it people.  I need this.

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