why no, i don’t need a vowel, thank you very much

September 16, 2012

Writing a post the other day I wanted to use a postscript but decided against it, which is stupid and ridiculous as I did this simply because I was afraid of appearing similar to other bloggers.

Also off the lists were multiple postscripts, word strikethroughs, use of my beloved dot dot dots, or putting conversations into posts

I’m driving myself insane and realizing it’s going to be very difficult to construct basic sentences if I can’t use things like periods or vowels because someone else may have already done so.

I have been blogging and writing for a long time but with the start of this new blog I have become extra worried about how my writing style comes across with regards to common writing devices, although I apparently have no problem asking the boy if it is okay to put ‘masturbate in front of a mirror’ in a post and then doing that.

I worry about appearance of being an imitator or copy of other writers and it makes me fearful of writing at all.  It’s hard enough to openly be myself, but want to be myself, but think there’s already a better myself out there.  And even though I can come up with all sorts of rational arguments like I am not the same as anyone else and lots of people have similar styles, and I don’t even have an audience (which is totally fine by me) so why am I even worrying about this sort of thing, I still feel like I should keep my writing holed up in some dank, dark, closet corner of somewhere, never risking public exposure.

Sorry, this is a crap post, I just needed to let out as it has been weighing me down.


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