i’m not even cool as a pirate

September 19, 2012

Still being International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I thought it would be appropriate to discover what my pirate persona would be.

Result number one:

Arrrr, you were born to sail the high seas and fly the Jolly Roger. Unfortunately you don’t have a ship, crew, cannons, or even a parrot, so you sit in the bathtub and wash your boobies over and over whilst screaming “Surrender or die, surrender or die!”

Not being entirely pleased with this and hoping for something a little further from reality I decided to give it a second go:

Shiver me timbers, you’re known as “The Piratess Who Couldn’t Pour Piss Out Of A Boot With The Instructions On The Heel.”  In other words, you’re completely incompetent and would have been better off as a gardener, or interior decorator.

WTF!  It’s like they actually know me.

And by the way, who the hell has been spying on me in the bath?????


One Response to “i’m not even cool as a pirate”

  1. Nina Potts Says:

    pirate fluxx helps with this. Its hilarious, and you can yell things like “I’ve got scurvy!” and talk like a pirate. I don’t think they played it on TableTop yet though.

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