it’s like that scene from die hard, but with less alan rickman and that’s just sad

October 1, 2012

I can never decide where I stand when it comes to weighing myself, but an upcoming appointment with a potential new doctor has me making all kinds of self assessments and freaking out about what she will find wrong.

One evening many years ago, I poured myself a glass of wine, grabbed a hammer and sat down to have a nice, friendly chat with my scale

I bought a new scale; though I did manage a few years without it.

My new scale is glass.

Am I the only one who finds this incredibly disturbing?  WTF scale making industry?  As if weighing oneself isn’t a scary enough experience for most women, now we get the added fear of having to pick shards of glass out of our feet.

Alternatively I could choose to do an assessment on my wii fit. No risk of breaking glass, but torment free, I don’t think so.  Now I may love my wii fit (mostly as it amuses me to watch my cats meander along with me as I pretend to be running because of course they have their own miis), but it does require a healthy sense of humour. There’s nothing quite like watching my mii character balloon out from its pre-set healthy size and hearing the game tell me I’m fat in that oh-so cheery voice.

Whole new levels of bravery are required to find out your weight.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a healthy sense of humour and I’m not that brave, what I am is screwed… and slightly prone to unrealistic and possibly exaggerated views of myself.

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