why you shouldn’t write before you have caffeine

October 4, 2012

I turned on the computer with the intention of writing a new post.  Felt all inspired and shit, but in the short period of time it took to actually get here, I have faded away.

Really I’m almost invisible now.  Still all gauzy and ghost like, but if I don’t get caffeine soon I could be gone for ever…   ever…       ever.   (that was supposed to come off all echo like.  fading echos of ever as I become nothing.  no?  did that not come off?)

Anyhow, never the most accurate speller, typing mistakes are occurring with an alarming frequency even for me – thank goddess for spellcheck, and…  shit, I don’t even remember what I was going to say.  Quite clearly, my brain has checked out.  I think it is safest to admit defeat.

BTW, you are very welcome for this fascinating post.  I can only imagine how much it has enhanced your life and knowing  just how much that really is, I offer up this video as an apology.

It’s not actually me apologizing or anything, that would be silly, but I thought it only fair that you get amusement from some source as I am clearly not capable of providing any right now.

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