OMFG, please alan, just answer already

October 6, 2012

Yes I am simply posting another video today, but as I am don’t have much time I wasn’t planning on posting at all.  I have four to five hours of belly dance ahead of me and I have to hit the farmers market first… that’s right I said hit.  I’m a very violent shopper.  I’m all like, “you will sell me that kale.  I will pay you exactly what you ask for it, but you will sell me that kale… and you will put it in a bag for me.  Alright I will put it in my own bag, but you will not look at me so smugly as I do it.  Clearly you are not aware of my tendency to hit when things aren’t going my way.  And by hit, I mean hang my head in shame as I meekly walk away.”

I am very threatening.  I am also a very ineffectual jedi.

Anyhow, the boy showed me this video last night and I have no words.

Well, WTF comes to mind.

Since I am a sharing kinda gal, here it is.  Maybe someone else can explain this.

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