and now i understand the wealth of cat pee

October 10, 2012

I love my cats, I love my cats, I love my cats…

If I love my cats I can’t possibly rub them in meat scent, put a pretty little bow on their heads, maybe one with a bone in it like Pebbles, and present them to the neighbourhood dogs… can I?

Last month I finally got around to cleaning the front hall closet only to discover the cats had decided that two litter boxes were not enough and they had turned the closet into a third one.  I don’t know how we didn’t notice it before, but all the junk in there must have somehow contained the smell; and then I released it.

Now I live in the bog of eternal stench and have spent the last month trying to rid myself of this delight.  Seeing as how they had peed in the front hall just outside the closet (it’s an open closet, no doors) you think we may have noticed then, but no.  When they peed in the hall, I just figured they were pissed (heeheehee… pissed, cat pee, unintended pun, get it?) at us for something, not that they were trying to extend their territory.

Any who, I have managed to get the smell and mess mostly under control and have been spending the day on what I hope is the last stage, but as I need a break I thought I would bitch and whine about it in a post.

On a positive note I think this has opened our money chakra and wealth is on its way.

See, Peter has been listening to Joe Rogan podcasts (as he often does) and in it Joe had been complaining about his cat peeing in non litter box areas.  So according to Peter, rich people have problems with cat pee too.  I think he was trying to take comfort in that.  I, on the other hand, discovered the root of all our money issues.  I tend to see things much more clearly than Peter.

I think the only way to interpret this information is that we were being held back by the belief that cat pee in unexpected places was a sign of lower-income.

wealth = cats pee in litter box

no wealth = cats pee wherever the fuck they want

So the only thing standing between us and riches has been a misunderstanding of the influence of cat pee in our lives.  Thank you Joe Rogan!

Let the cash start flowing in!

PS. cat pee

PPS. I didn’t think I’d said cat pee enough in this post

PPPS. I wish you a cat pee free day.  Which means I wish you a day free from any actual cat pee and from having to hear/read/see the words cat pee anymore.  You’re welcome!


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