this level of intellect is not for everyone

October 20, 2012

My thrilling friday night?  Filled with its usual stimulating conversation and oh so witty banter.

Now I know I shouldn’t go around flaunting my intellect, but sometimes I get the urge to try to make people jealous.  I say try because I clearly have no idea what other people may actually be envious of.

Peter: I’m having a cookie.

Me: I had one early this morning before I made pasta for breakfast.

Peter: Before you made what?

Me: Pasta.

Peter: I thought you said plaster

Me: Oh, that’s right.  I got plastered for breakfast.

Peter: That sounds more like it.  Much more believable.

And then we went to bed to read.

Feeling better about however you spent your evening?

You’re welcome.

ps.  Did you notice how high Peter’s opinion of me is?  Bet you really are jealous now.

pps.  You have the occasional breakfast martini and it’s never forgotten.

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