it only took me 1096 days

October 30, 2012

our wedding cake

Since it is only one more sleep till halloween (best day of the year) and since it is my wedding anniversary and since, as of yet I have never bothered to share photos from that delightfully dreadful day, I thought I would finally get around to it. It’s only taken me three years.

faerie flower girl (aka our niece)

Did I mention I received a letter from my friend yesterday which included an article on procrastination (which by the way it took her over a month to actually put in the post)?

Oh well.

To be fair, while Peter and I do acknowledge our wedding anniversary (any excuse for more wine), we put in far too many years together prior (13) to reset the number back to zero when we got married, so we still celebrate our original anniversary.

more decorations



As you can probably tell we had a bit of a halloween wedding.  Think eerie and creepy, but still slightly pretty

I’m not really that into horror, but I love the dark side of things; more Tim Burton-y (in case you didn’t notice on the Corpse Bride figures on top of the cake.

dress in progress

why won’t my blue hair show up in photos… argh


Or that my dress is modeled after the Corpse Bride’s)



I leave you with a photo of Peter and I, not that we took it together cause that would be silly, and a sampling of our awesome friends and family in their costumes.  And now people, please stop bitching at me.  Really, don’t you have anything better to do?


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