i just don’t have a title in me

November 1, 2012

I am fighting the post halloween, it’s november blues.

It’s not that I dislike november, I actually kinda like it’s temperamental nature, but it isn’t october, my most favourite month of the year.  And while october goes out with the most awesome-est holiday, it makes the beginning of november that much more ordinary and blah.

Yes, I really am babbling this much over months.  I spend a lot of time thinking about day-to-day things and how they affect me in weird ways.  Just wait till I post about my views on certain words and numbers.  Bet you can’t wait for that one.

I can’t afford to be wasting time right now though, so in an effort to overcome my blah mood I have spiked my morning coffee and put The Nightmare Before Christmas into the dvd player.  It’s my november 1st movie; usually a nice transition from halloween into the christmas season, which is about to descend upon us all with its full force now that halloween has passed.

So far my mood is still flat and my efforts in vain.  I have no creative energy.  Fortunately I have several hundred photographs to sort through (did I say fortunately, because that may not have been the appropriate word choice) and edit for four items to be put in my Etsy shop.

That’s right, I said hundreds of photographs for four items.

I suppose this may be overkill, but this is already my second attempt as the colour didn’t show right in some of the first photos.  I don’t want to have to redo them yet again so I took a crap load of new photos using different settings in hope that some will turn out right this time.  I guess it’s the perfect task for the moment as I don’t feel like doing much, but at least I can be somewhat productive, and I can do it while I watch my movie… and as long as my vision remains clear, I can continue to spike my beverages.

Well, what do you know, the day may be looking brighter already.

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