i’m not sure how i boarded the love boat

January 8, 2013

I’m in obsessive single-minded mode.  I’m in ranting mode.  And I’m in self-ish mode.

I’m obsessed with tedious organizational tasks and feel like I can’t do anything else until I am completely done with these few things, but as my mind is constantly bouncing between tasks, I can’t focus long enough on any one to actually finish anything.

Even now, although I made the conscious choice to take time out to write (because I haven’t written in forever and that guilty feeling was causing more disruption in my brain which interferes even more with my ability to focus ), I struggle to actually do so as it is taking time away from what I am supposed to be doing, but I’m the only one in charge of what I am supposed to be doing, so there is absolutely no reason I shouldn’t be able to make the choice to write without creating a self-induced panic about lost time, when nothing on my current to-do list is so important that it can’t wait another day and therefore I should be able to take the time to construct proper sentences that don’t run on forever, and yet, even though this is all of my own doing, and I can see it happening and write about it, I feel powerless against it.

On the plus side, while I do suffer from a certain amount of day-to-day obsessive behaviours, these spurts only occur once in a while and I do tend to get a fair amount done… it just comes with a whole lot more crazy.  I think that may be why Peter keeps going out to his office so much right now.

I have also worn myself out enough that I don’t have enough energy left to rant about itunes anymore.  Probably best as I have been yelling at my computer for many, many days now.

I think this may also be why Peter has gone into hiding.

For the record, I love itunes overall, I HATE their latest incarnation.  It sucks.  The whole thing kinda sucks, but if they would just give me the ability to scroll through my lists without the scrolling function jumping around all spastic-y colon like, I could (maybe) learn to live with the rest.

Ok, so maybe I still had room for a wee little rant, but believe me, this was the cliff notes version.

Part of the reason I have spent so much time on itunes (apart from restoring a crap load of lost music) is cause I got a new toy!!!  Finally upgraded to an ipod touch and it is all awesome and technologically advanced and what not.

I’m always behind on technology, I mean I am only now finally getting to play with apps! I’ve been very envious of this ability, but now I have it too!!! It’s like gaining a super power. Plus, I actually have room for most of my music and don’t have to keep shuffling songs on and off all the time, and if has wi-fi and email and it’s shiny and pretty and it’s all so very exciting and new.  Kinda like the Love Boat.

Actually, new ipod (she’s called doomkitty) is a lot like The Love Boat.  Exciting and new, life’s sweetest reward (until the next sparkly thing comes along), promises something for anyone, a course for adventure, basically take away all that love crap and it has it covered.

Signing off for now,

your cruise director.

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