sometimes it’s nice to be contagious… ?

February 11, 2013

I like to spread my obsessions interests around all virus like.  Unfortunately, while it’s nice to think that I may occassionally influence people, sometimes it bites me in my own butt-oly.

In one of life’s synchronous moments I was just talking about my desire to be a mermaid in my last post.  It’s a passion that has been with me since childhood and to this day whenever I dive into a pool or lake I still keep my legs pressed together and imagine I have a fishy mermaid tail.  So of course, like any reasonable adult would do, I decided to share this interest with my niece when she was visiting from england last summer.

I showed her the photograph of me with mermaid melissa and a dvd I have of her swimming.  I promised to send her links and videos of other mermaids (which, over half a year later, I finally did… no procrastination problems here).

I generally push encourage anything faerie and/or mermaid that I can, which has now resulted in me spending most of my day in stores, both in person and online searching for moxie girlz magic swim mermaid dolls.

My niece is back in toronto again and is here for her birthday; this doll is what she requested and I only have a few days to track it down.  The boy should be at toys r us  as I write this, taking his turn in the hunt as so far I have been unsuccessful.

There are mermaid and faerie toys/games/books all over the place, but she has to choose the one, specific, hard to find toy.  I wonder if her mom put her up to it as payback.  When I asked what she wanted, I thought she would go for things a little more generalized or prevalent like something monster high-ish.

I also have a tendency to lure her to things slightly darker whenever I can.  Monster High and Ruby Gloom may be a bit frou frou and perky, but if it opens her world up to zombies and ghouls and all that sort of thing even a little bit, then at least I have an in.

I may not be the best aunt.

Or, depending on your perspective, I am an awesome aunt!

Any who… that’s my day.  Well that and having the water tank replaced on our furnace.

Please.  Contain your jealousy.


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