but they were soooo pretty

March 6, 2013

…and cheap.

Pretty and cheap.

Red and shiny, matte black, tan and up to the knee, and a really funky dark blue pair.

The most beautiful, perfectly fitted shoes I have found in the whole of my life and all on sale.

I was so very, very happy.

And then I woke up.

And the day ahead seemed a little less bright, but that could be due to the overcast-iness outside.  I guess I’ll never know for sure.


In other news… there really is no other news.

Haven’t been much in the writing mood lately.  Too many other things on my mind and can’t find my way through that mess to figure out the whole word putting, sentence into forming thingy.  That, and I have started a huge house cleaning project.

Lately I feel overwhelmed by the plethora of crap the boy and I have accumulated and it is time to purge the excess clutter.  Yesterday I took on our VHS tapes and a few other things.  And yes, I said VHS, and no, I didn’t manage to get rid of all of them.

It took several hours to clean six shelves last night, and by shelves I mean the individual shelves, not the whole unit, and yet I want to work my way through the entire house.

This may take a while.

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