a late happy peepster

April 1, 2013

Easter weekend having just come to an end, or being easter monday I should say almost ended, I have, most obviously, had Peeps on the brain.

I was going to post a little marshmallow-y something, but then came across this bit of writing I had previously done on the subject, so I thought I would cheat and post it instead.  This also allows me to get back to my company, whom I have abandoned to tinker around here.

This was written on my final morning in baltimore, faeriecon having sadly come to a close the night before:

It’s ten after eight and I am just starting to come to life. Crappy as it is, the complementary coffee from the hotel room seems to be doing the trick.

As the boy and I left the hotel room only twice this whole weekend for brief food finding missions, I felt, perhaps, that I had missed out on the baltimore experience.

I flipped through the hotel room guide-book.

All caught up now.

I did have an exciting time in Wegmans last night.  The cereal aisle is always one of my favourites to visit while in the u. states.  Who knew that fruity pebbles were still being made?  There’s no crunch berry or peanut butter flavours of cap’n crunch in canada.  Nor do we have cookie crisp, though maybe that’s for the best.

Perhaps greatest of all though, there were Peeps!  For some reason these had popped into my head and as we entered Wegmans I found myself wishing it was easter so I could admire all the colourful Peep chicks.

I was trying to explain Peeps to the boy as, much to my dismay, he was utterly unfamiliar with them.  See, in canada, or at least where I have lived in ontario, all I ever find come easter is a small package of little yellow chicks lurking on the bottom shelf.  There is a whole exciting world of Peeps out there that I rarely get to experience so you can imagine my joy when I came across christmas Peeps!

I didn’t buy any.  I don’t eat them.  They just fascinate me.

A quick trip to their website this morning and there was even more to discover; peep crafts, peepsonality™ quizzes, and a counter to indicate the number of peep births with super scary trivia informing me that 5.5 million peeps are born each day on average.

There’s even a fan club.

And yet the boy still doesn’t get it.

And he wouldn’t let me join.

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