may have been needed, but not sure it’s the distraction i had in mind

June 13, 2013

Limited time for writing these days as I am in the middle of a major overhaul of my Etsy shop and everything related to it.  Am also preparing for an upcoming belly dance show and as always, battling evil (or fighting for it – I’m always so undecided, which could be why I never seem to make any difference on either side… oh well).

I miss having the time to write, but need to put focus where it is most important right now.

At the moment however, I have been side-tracked from all tasks as I watch my house fill up with supplies.

Spaceship building supplies.


I’m just staring as the boy brings in one item after another.

I’m also wondering what the largest butterfly net size is.

So that’s my night.  Hoping yours is only slightly more sane.


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