hitting my head from alpha to omega

July 10, 2013

As some of my crazy comes to end I find myself confused, so I’m creating more.

I’d like to say, now that I finished the main re-vamp of my etsy shop and all things related, that I will find more time for balance.  Time for writing, eating foods that have pronounceable ingredients, smelling the roses, drinking wine,  you know, the important things.

But let’s be realistic.  That’s not happening.

So I started off this round of crazy trying to pick out a new juicer.  Many people would do a bit of research and then hit the buy button.  I turned it into a several day ordeal where I simultaneously read reviews, compared prices, watched countless hours of videos on YouTube, found comparison charts, and drove the boy and my parents (who attempted to visit me during my research marathon and therefore got caught in the cross-fire) absolutely batty with questions and my endless prattle.  If I hadn’t been so single-minded, I could have had some fun with my now batty family and got out the butterfly nets.  Opportunity missed.

Eventually I narrowed it down to two, but every time I thought I’d made a choice within seconds I would change it back and then find myself researching softer materials for walls… and skulls.

Fortunately, wine helped me through and took the focus off my aching head and I, finally, have a juicer on the way… an Omega 8006.  I won’t know for sure until I get her out of the box, but I think I’ll name her Beta.

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