I can’t quite seem to put my finger on why holiday invites have stopped coming my way, why I am suddenly getting so many cancellations from friends or why even my family seems to be squirming about our upcoming festivities.

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned some of the crafty creative gifts I plan on giving out this year. I bet my friends are simply concerned that they won’t be able to come up with anything even remotely as awesome and so they are cancelling out of embarrassment.


crafting with cat hair

I’m not so sure ‘with’ is the correct word. Pretty sure it should read “Cute Handicrafts to Make FROM your cat – but just the hair, not like its internal organs or anything. Please don’t dismember your cats”.


I definitely don’t want friends and family to feel down on themselves for not finding this wonderful inspiring book first.  They really shouldn’t feel bad or compare themselves, and they should know that such amazing creativity often comes from having a limited budget and so you make the best of what you have and what I have is cats.

If they really want to compete, they can always give away all their money (like maybe to me so I can buy presents instead) and then they will start to come up with ingenious gift giving ideas and they can show me up. Everyone wins.

Though now that I think about it, I bet they are simply upset with me for spoiling the surprise.  I’ve accidentally ruined the wonder that comes with gifts and I suspect if I apologize all the invites will start pouring in again and my family will stop suggesting I spend this year entirely with my in-laws.

And since I have already proven how magnificent I am at apologizing, I believe I’ll have this mishap cleared up in no time.


Limited time for writing these days as I am in the middle of a major overhaul of my Etsy shop and everything related to it.  Am also preparing for an upcoming belly dance show and as always, battling evil (or fighting for it – I’m always so undecided, which could be why I never seem to make any difference on either side… oh well).

I miss having the time to write, but need to put focus where it is most important right now.

At the moment however, I have been side-tracked from all tasks as I watch my house fill up with supplies.

Spaceship building supplies.


I’m just staring as the boy brings in one item after another.

I’m also wondering what the largest butterfly net size is.

So that’s my night.  Hoping yours is only slightly more sane.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Absolutely.

That’s why I am recycling a tweet I shared yesterday.

xander always really wanted to be a blonde

xander always really wanted to be a blonde

Plus, as you can see, I am way into finding perfectly reasonable and acceptable uses for things that would otherwise be thrown away (such as hair from another cat – just one example that randomly comes to mind). That’s like, super sustainable living.

I may have missed the reduction part of the equation which, I know, is supposed to be the first and most important step, but seriously, asking me to reduce my cats just seems cruel.  I can’t even believe you would suggest such a thing!  And no, I have no idea what that means, but I am sure it’s some kind of PETA violation.

Not cool people.  Not cool.

Quick question for today:

At what point should I be worried that Peter not only wants to, but actually has plans in motion, to build a spaceship in our home?



I’m not used to being the sane one and I am not sure how to deal with a balance shift after all these years.  He’s upsetting my status quo.

a late happy peepster

April 1, 2013

Easter weekend having just come to an end, or being easter monday I should say almost ended, I have, most obviously, had Peeps on the brain.

I was going to post a little marshmallow-y something, but then came across this bit of writing I had previously done on the subject, so I thought I would cheat and post it instead.  This also allows me to get back to my company, whom I have abandoned to tinker around here.

This was written on my final morning in baltimore, faeriecon having sadly come to a close the night before:

It’s ten after eight and I am just starting to come to life. Crappy as it is, the complementary coffee from the hotel room seems to be doing the trick.

As the boy and I left the hotel room only twice this whole weekend for brief food finding missions, I felt, perhaps, that I had missed out on the baltimore experience.

I flipped through the hotel room guide-book.

All caught up now.

I did have an exciting time in Wegmans last night.  The cereal aisle is always one of my favourites to visit while in the u. states.  Who knew that fruity pebbles were still being made?  There’s no crunch berry or peanut butter flavours of cap’n crunch in canada.  Nor do we have cookie crisp, though maybe that’s for the best.

Perhaps greatest of all though, there were Peeps!  For some reason these had popped into my head and as we entered Wegmans I found myself wishing it was easter so I could admire all the colourful Peep chicks.

I was trying to explain Peeps to the boy as, much to my dismay, he was utterly unfamiliar with them.  See, in canada, or at least where I have lived in ontario, all I ever find come easter is a small package of little yellow chicks lurking on the bottom shelf.  There is a whole exciting world of Peeps out there that I rarely get to experience so you can imagine my joy when I came across christmas Peeps!

I didn’t buy any.  I don’t eat them.  They just fascinate me.

A quick trip to their website this morning and there was even more to discover; peep crafts, peepsonality™ quizzes, and a counter to indicate the number of peep births with super scary trivia informing me that 5.5 million peeps are born each day on average.

There’s even a fan club.

And yet the boy still doesn’t get it.

And he wouldn’t let me join.

Sweet goddess, sometimes I make myself sad.

Not sad in a depressing, emo sorta way (at least not this time), but more of a my-life-is-quite-pathetic kinda way.

It’s shortly after seven on a saturday night and it’s just me and the cats as the boy is out.  I am so sleepy all I want to do is crawl into bed.  So I have to wonder, did I suddenly age forty years overnight?  I mean, WTF?

I am attempting to find ways to make my evening less desperate and more exciting, but I am not sure how to accomplish this with an empty wine cabinet.  Suggestions?

Keep in mind, I am tired (as stated above) and lazy (as stated in many previous postings) so leaving the house is not an option.

While on the subject of wine, I must celebrate my new best friend/pusher, Cam.  I have always enjoyed his company and thought very highly of him, but after a brief conversation we had the other night, I have come to realize that he is just the enabler I didn’t even know I was looking for.

His many suggestions for getting more wine into my life and providing sound reasons for doing so are truly inspiring.  He has even gone after the boy to be a better provider.

Cam, I bow (or curtsy if I’m in a girlie mood) to your superior mind and thank you for your assistance.

As for tonight, if I choose to spice up my evening in a more spirited way, it will have to be tequila shots.  It’s the only thing I have in the house. So now for the next big decision, right from the bottle or something a little more sophisticated and if so, which famous drinker shot glass shall I choose.  Narrowing it down to W B Yeats or Oscar Wilde, but as Yeats is more likely to lead me to a faerie world, I think he has the edge.

So in an attempt to make my life seem slightly less pitiful, I’m trading in tired, lonely and pathetic for tired, lonely, pathetic and drunk. Awareness is highly overrated.


…and cheap.

Pretty and cheap.

Red and shiny, matte black, tan and up to the knee, and a really funky dark blue pair.

The most beautiful, perfectly fitted shoes I have found in the whole of my life and all on sale.

I was so very, very happy.

And then I woke up.

And the day ahead seemed a little less bright, but that could be due to the overcast-iness outside.  I guess I’ll never know for sure.


In other news… there really is no other news.

Haven’t been much in the writing mood lately.  Too many other things on my mind and can’t find my way through that mess to figure out the whole word putting, sentence into forming thingy.  That, and I have started a huge house cleaning project.

Lately I feel overwhelmed by the plethora of crap the boy and I have accumulated and it is time to purge the excess clutter.  Yesterday I took on our VHS tapes and a few other things.  And yes, I said VHS, and no, I didn’t manage to get rid of all of them.

It took several hours to clean six shelves last night, and by shelves I mean the individual shelves, not the whole unit, and yet I want to work my way through the entire house.

This may take a while.

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