There are days when you want to celebrate the teeniest of tiniest accomplishments and the best-est (most treacherous) of friends will support you with that, inspire you, and even help inadvertently create public awareness of a lost art.

Me: I did it!  I showered!  Aren’t you proud of me?
Now if only I can find pants, I can go get some onions to make my soup.
Onward ho!

Me: Pants, oh pants.  Wherefore art thou pants?

A: I have them!!  Tee hee hee (evil laugh)

Me: How rude.  THIEF!!!!

A: Mmmmuuuuuuhhhhhaaaaaa

Me: Oh how you will rue the day!!

Me: (please do.  please rue something.  there just isn’t enough ruing anymore)

A: Hmmm… what shall I rue?

Me: The day (this really couldn’t be any clearer)
The day I take revenge on you and your pant stealing ways

A: Oh, the day. The day. Ok fine. I rue the day!!!

A: I steal your pants and I rue the day!

Me: Evil!

A: (that better?)

Me: I’m on my way to the store in spite of your evil efforts.  Apparently I own more than one pair of pants.  And yes, I feel much better.  Together we shall bring back ruing!!!

A: On my way to library.  Must find “How to Rue for Dummies”

Me: If it isn’t there, I think we may have just stumbled upon a wonderful need and writing opportunity!

A: Yes, yes, yes.  It may explain why ruing is in such short supply today.

Me: It’s just so sad really

And now it’s up to you.  Only you can prevent forest fires bring back the art of rue. (Clearly advertising has no impact on me – though I think I may have just proven the effectiveness of public service announcements and now I feel confident with total RUE integration.  It’s coming back people.)



I can’t quite seem to put my finger on why holiday invites have stopped coming my way, why I am suddenly getting so many cancellations from friends or why even my family seems to be squirming about our upcoming festivities.

Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned some of the crafty creative gifts I plan on giving out this year. I bet my friends are simply concerned that they won’t be able to come up with anything even remotely as awesome and so they are cancelling out of embarrassment.


crafting with cat hair

I’m not so sure ‘with’ is the correct word. Pretty sure it should read “Cute Handicrafts to Make FROM your cat – but just the hair, not like its internal organs or anything. Please don’t dismember your cats”.


I definitely don’t want friends and family to feel down on themselves for not finding this wonderful inspiring book first.  They really shouldn’t feel bad or compare themselves, and they should know that such amazing creativity often comes from having a limited budget and so you make the best of what you have and what I have is cats.

If they really want to compete, they can always give away all their money (like maybe to me so I can buy presents instead) and then they will start to come up with ingenious gift giving ideas and they can show me up. Everyone wins.

Though now that I think about it, I bet they are simply upset with me for spoiling the surprise.  I’ve accidentally ruined the wonder that comes with gifts and I suspect if I apologize all the invites will start pouring in again and my family will stop suggesting I spend this year entirely with my in-laws.

And since I have already proven how magnificent I am at apologizing, I believe I’ll have this mishap cleared up in no time.

As some of my crazy comes to end I find myself confused, so I’m creating more.

I’d like to say, now that I finished the main re-vamp of my etsy shop and all things related, that I will find more time for balance.  Time for writing, eating foods that have pronounceable ingredients, smelling the roses, drinking wine,  you know, the important things.

But let’s be realistic.  That’s not happening.

So I started off this round of crazy trying to pick out a new juicer.  Many people would do a bit of research and then hit the buy button.  I turned it into a several day ordeal where I simultaneously read reviews, compared prices, watched countless hours of videos on YouTube, found comparison charts, and drove the boy and my parents (who attempted to visit me during my research marathon and therefore got caught in the cross-fire) absolutely batty with questions and my endless prattle.  If I hadn’t been so single-minded, I could have had some fun with my now batty family and got out the butterfly nets.  Opportunity missed.

Eventually I narrowed it down to two, but every time I thought I’d made a choice within seconds I would change it back and then find myself researching softer materials for walls… and skulls.

Fortunately, wine helped me through and took the focus off my aching head and I, finally, have a juicer on the way… an Omega 8006.  I won’t know for sure until I get her out of the box, but I think I’ll name her Beta.

a late happy peepster

April 1, 2013

Easter weekend having just come to an end, or being easter monday I should say almost ended, I have, most obviously, had Peeps on the brain.

I was going to post a little marshmallow-y something, but then came across this bit of writing I had previously done on the subject, so I thought I would cheat and post it instead.  This also allows me to get back to my company, whom I have abandoned to tinker around here.

This was written on my final morning in baltimore, faeriecon having sadly come to a close the night before:

It’s ten after eight and I am just starting to come to life. Crappy as it is, the complementary coffee from the hotel room seems to be doing the trick.

As the boy and I left the hotel room only twice this whole weekend for brief food finding missions, I felt, perhaps, that I had missed out on the baltimore experience.

I flipped through the hotel room guide-book.

All caught up now.

I did have an exciting time in Wegmans last night.  The cereal aisle is always one of my favourites to visit while in the u. states.  Who knew that fruity pebbles were still being made?  There’s no crunch berry or peanut butter flavours of cap’n crunch in canada.  Nor do we have cookie crisp, though maybe that’s for the best.

Perhaps greatest of all though, there were Peeps!  For some reason these had popped into my head and as we entered Wegmans I found myself wishing it was easter so I could admire all the colourful Peep chicks.

I was trying to explain Peeps to the boy as, much to my dismay, he was utterly unfamiliar with them.  See, in canada, or at least where I have lived in ontario, all I ever find come easter is a small package of little yellow chicks lurking on the bottom shelf.  There is a whole exciting world of Peeps out there that I rarely get to experience so you can imagine my joy when I came across christmas Peeps!

I didn’t buy any.  I don’t eat them.  They just fascinate me.

A quick trip to their website this morning and there was even more to discover; peep crafts, peepsonality™ quizzes, and a counter to indicate the number of peep births with super scary trivia informing me that 5.5 million peeps are born each day on average.

There’s even a fan club.

And yet the boy still doesn’t get it.

And he wouldn’t let me join.

I’m not much of a fan or celebrater of valentine’s day, but occasionally some love stories and marriage proposals  just capture my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

… but I tend to be a little slow catching on to trends so by the time I get around to sharing, people have long since moved on and tired of it.  None-the-less, thanks to a friend, I have finally found a version of this I can get on board with and so, I will share anyhow.

Limited posting time.  Well no posting time really, but I’m procrastinating.  Plus I am afraid of my next project as it keeps trying to strangle me.

I’m participating in a craft fair this coming weekend and even though I am mostly prepared, I am determined to get a few more items in.

This week I have inhaled more types of glue than any one person should.  It’s mixing with all the glitter, which I have also inhaled… and eaten.  A diet of glitter isn’t nearly as fulfilling as it may sound, but if I had to be autopsied right now I’d have the prettiest insides.

No matter how many times shower I still look like a disco ball; one that also has bits of flowers, feathers, and assorted charms, beads and such.  And now I am tangled in yarn.

There’s a strong possibility I may not make it through to the weekend.

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