A pretty seafarin’ hearty I`ll make today.

E’en tho I bunked in till 730, I still feel exhausted. Me one good eye be waterin’ an’ so be me nose. Me brain be nay yet powered by caffeine an’ I really dasn’t know what th’ hell I be writin‘.

I really ortin’ ta compose this later, but ’tis International Talk Like A Pirate Day an’ I need t’ make sure this information gets ou’ early, otherwise what`s th’ point?

If I find th’ energy t’ get dressed at least I can look th’ part as th’ boy an’ I recently discovered we a be havin’ a house full o’ seafarin’ hearty costume pieces, which be odd as th’ only thin’ we deliberately purchased be a wee dollarama sword an’ eye patch t’ wear wi’ our niece. I be nay sure how this has happened.

Th’ kitties at least be in luck as I dasn’t think I be havin’ th’ stamina t’ chase them around th’ house tryin’ t’ put the’r kitty eye patches on.

ps. I jus’ ran spell check an’ I made nay spellin’ errors today! So proud o’ myself.

This tide may be startin’ t’ improve.


The belly dance studio I attend will be participating in a local music festival this weekend and as usual there is a flurry of last-minute preparation.  Being the helpful, giving person that I am, I have been trying to ease the burden of my instructor (and studio owner) with helpful suggestions, and as costumes have been an issue, I thought the ones in this video would be a source of inspiration and solve her problems.

I thought we could also steal some of the super awesome dance sequences cause there’s always room for more show stopping moves.

There are some disco themed belly dances.  Costume idea problem solved.

I also thought some of these moves might be useful.

We could make them look more belly dance like, but I don’t think any performance  is complete without some sort of burst.

I’m really not sure why my ideas are constantly ignored, and I really don’t appreciate the suggestion that I should look into anti-psychotic meds while I’m being pushed out the door. I have the studio’s best interest at heart and am only attempting to make life easier (and clearly better) for everyone involved.

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