never too old for a tail

February 6, 2013

Occasionally I wonder if I will ever truly grow up.

I sometimes go on extra alert, waiting (without anticipation) to see if that day will come; just out of curiosity.

I hope it never happens.  The day I wake up and don’t want to put on a pair of wings and frolic about the house had best be because that’s the day I put on a tail and find a water source.

Which brings me to my latest goal, obsession, desire, etc.  Well, I say latest, but it’s not exactly a new area for me, it’s simply new in deciding that I should actively pursue becoming a mermaid.

Of course, as always, I am excellent in the researching and planning stages, but the moment it comes to putting ideas into action, I tend to falter.  Also, I’m lucky if I can hold my breath for ten seconds, and fish sometimes freak me out.  I’m a little afraid of sharks as well… and water snakes… and alligators… and growing extra limbs or other weird things from polluted waters.

To be fair, given that I live in Ontario, only a few of these are of real concern at the moment.  Imagined concern is entirely different, but also very real for me as I can turn a guppy into a razor toothed menace complete with bulging shifty eyes and scary pointing down in the middle eyebrows (just so you know he’s really evil and angry) capable of leaping out of an aquarium and flying (that’s right, I said flying) throughout the house to find and devour me.

All I am saying is that the journey to becoming a mermaid may not be as simple as wearing a tail.

No worries though, I won’t be trading in my wings for a monofin.  I can only imagine how much you were concerned by this.

I love my airy faerie world, but I have always been a water being and outside of laying in puddles during rainstorms I have been away from this element for too long.  I am never more myself than when I am gliding through water.

I leave you with one of my most favourite mermaids.  The lovely Hannah Fraser.


faerie couple crush-less

November 9, 2012

I’ve been wandering the house all morning, following the cats around, peering around corners, observing their behaviors, and, it just isn’t the same.

While the cats may have their own assorted talents, including zombie kitty, they don’t sing, play instruments or organize large faerie events.  Quite simply, they are not the object of my couple crush and stalking them is not nearly as fulfilling.

I thought it would be worth a try and perhaps take my mind off the fact that I am not currently at Faeriecon, which means no good and bad masquerade balls, no Faun, no Jasmine Beckit-Griffith, no faerie fashion show, no corsets and wings and glitter, and most devastatingly, no Kelly and Emilio Miller-Lopez.

My infatuation with them started innocently enough when I fell in love with their music while listening to faerie radio (yes, I did say faerie radio),which led to a bit of cyber stalking of their band  Woodland, which led to ordereing cds and repeated viewings of some of their performances, which led to crushing on Kelly, all of which led me to Faeriecon and finally to Emilio to complete my couple crush.

For the past few years I have blissfully wandered around the Faeriecon venue enjoying, well, everything, as it’s awesome and you should totally go, all the while waiting for Kelly and Emilio sitings, and when they do appear, I can’t focus on anything else.  I am constantly staring at them, trying to look like I am not staring at them, but doing so unsuccessfully and mostly just looking like some weird psycho.  I’m surprised I haven’t been banned.  Thankfully I haven’t, though after this post, that may change.

I have to say that while they are both very attractive, it isn’t a physical desire kind of stalking.  There’s something in their energy that draws me in and by observing and studying them I am attempting figure out what that is.  Really, I’m just like Jane Goodall, all scientific and shit.  Though, I am not sure if Jane was trying to capture something to take home with her.  And chill already, I’m not talking about kidnapping or admiration of belly dancers limb severing, but the desire to acquire, or learn how to create for myself, a little of the magic they possess.

Anyhow, Faericon starts in a couple of hours and I am stuck here in toronto, unable to attend.  And while after this post this knowledge may provide relief for the Miller-Lopez’s, I am feeling a little sad about all that I am missing.  I do, however, wish everyone who is attending this weekend a wonderful time.  Meanwhile, I am going to lace up my corset, wear one of my many wings and sprinkle glitter over everything.  It’s not yet 10am, so if I start drinking now, then by tonight, I just may be able to convince myself that I am at faeriecon too.

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