Last post I had been afraid I was slipping into a full on depressive episode, but fortunately it seems to be one of my more teeny mood bumps.  Woohoo!

I’m not quite myself; still a little low, but don’t think I am in jeopardy of falling completely this round.

I was comparing my mood to the temperamental weather we were having the other day. It was crazy, switching from overcast to sun to rain to white out snow conditions, back to sun again; all within a matter of minutes, and it was like that all day. It was a perfect representation of my state of mind.

When I described this temperamental state to the boy, he simply asked if temperamental was code for bitchy.

He’s locked himself in his office.

I’m looking for random objects with which to booby-trap the house and wondering if he could be lured into a giant mousetrap if I were to utilize comic books as bait.

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