Some days I revel in my idiocy, some days I just shake my head, roll my eyes, and pretend I am someone else.

Someone who has their life together.

I hear these people exist.

You know the sort; people who can make a pot of tea and actually remember that they did so.

Clearly, my idea of someone who has their life together is rather grand and not achievable for all, but I have high hopes for myself.  And please don’t tell me that there is something further I can strive for.  I’m fragile, and keeping my delusions intact is paramount to my daily existence.

One stage at a time people.

I have hopes however, which is why I was attempting to take some time to enjoy a nice pot of blooming tea while listening to some metaphysical well-being interview thingy.  I believe that’s the technical term.

So I listened while I did dishes and waited for the water to boil; while I waited for the tea to brew; while I replied to emails and bookmarked websites for further reading – all while still waiting for my tea to brew; while I sorted through papers and eventually made my way back to the kitchen to put items in the recycling bin which was when I discovered I’d forgotten about my brewing tea and then I decided to start this post all while still listening to the uplifting recording.

I remember something about rings and something about flushing, which is just a little bit weird and I think maybe I’m glad I didn’t hear the rest of that bit, but I’m sure my unconscious mind must have taken in all the important parts right?

Spiritual enlightenment, health and well-being must be just around the corner.

I’m thinking I should write a book about how to achieve bliss through multi-tasking.  I mean, really, I have this covered.  It may take a little longer and you may always be drinking your tea at the wrong temperature or eating a lot of burned foods, but at least you can still watch tv, listen to podcasts, play solitaire or do any other number of activities simultaneously.  It will have to be sold as a print and audio book set, but it could work.

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